What is R.R.R.I.?

by | Oct 18, 2013 | Trials & Hearings

R.R.R.I. is the “Recidivism Risk Reduction Incentive,” also known as state good time.  The purpose of this statute is to allow those convicted of a crime and who are eligible for R.R.R.I. an opportunity to participate in programs that will help reduce the risk the person will commit future crimes.

R.R.R.I. is available to certain individuals convicted of a crime who are sentenced to state prison.  In order to be eligible and receive R.R.R.I., the person must: 

  • receive a sentence of incarceration in state prison
  • does not demonstrate a history of past or present violent behavior
  • the sentence does not include use of weapons
  • has not been convicted, adjudicated, or found delinquent of a personal injury crime (including simple assault, terroristic threats, REAP, harassment, stalking, etc.) , homicide offenses, kidnapping and related offenses, arson and related offenses, robbery, incest, open lewdness, victim or witness intimidation, DUI with bodily injury, aggravated assault while DUI, and Megan’s Law offenses. **Some drug trafficking offenses will also disqualify a person from R.R.R.I. eligibility.
  • If the person does not qualify due to his failure to meet one of the requirements, the attorney for the Commonwealth may, in his discretion, waive the eligibility and still allow the judge to grant R.R.R.I. ***Even when the Commonwealth’s attorney waives the eligibility for R.R.R.I., it is still up to the discretion of the sentencing judge whether he will impose a R.R.R.I. sentence.

The effect of a person being eligible and being sentenced to a R.R.R.I. statute is:

  • The person’s minimum sentence will be 3/4 of the minimum sentence if his total sentence is three (3) years or less OR
  • The person’s minimum sentence will be 5/6 of the minimum sentence if his total sentence is more than three (3) years.
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