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Reckless Homicide charge and all other Homicide charges withdrawn by Athens County District Attorney in Athens Ohio against Evan Kelly’s Client Corbin Gustafson in an alleged fraternity murder case of a 20 year old.  As reported in the Columbus Dispatch

Murder charges and manslaughter charges withdrawn by District Attorney’s office case involving a former pastor.
Former pastor pleads in connection with murder-for-hire case | News |

Daily Local News article detailing Evan Kelly’s defense of a minister/teacher accused of sexually assaulting a student
Former Christian School teacher held for trial – Daily Local

Daily Local News article discussing “Veteran Defense Attorney” Evan Kelly’s plan to challenge the charges against his client a minister/teacher accused of sexually assaulting a student
Former West Chester Christian School teacher to challenge sex charges – Daily Local

Commonwealth vs. Chang – Defendant found not guilty of 3rd degree murder after a jury trial where it was alleged that Ms. Chang had beat a 2 year old child to death

Charges withdrawn against client originally charged with over 80 separate crimes in Penn State Fraternity Murder case as seen on World News Tonight. Commonwealth vs. Heimer, Center County, PA

All Child Pornography charges withdrawn prior to trial (more than a 100 counts) by attorney general’s office (Chester County, PA) Commonwealth vs. Perreault.

Probation with a misdemeanor charge received and no Megan’s Law/Sorna ordered for Principal of school charged with several Felonies alleging sexual misconduct with a minor.  Commonwealth vs. Symonds.

Aggravated assault and all other assault charges withdrawn against client in alleged college assault case (Chester County, PA)

Rape charges (12 counts) and all other charges withdrawn against client in Chester County PA.  Commonwealth vs. Weiss

Burglary and all other related charges withdrawn against client in Burglary case out of Oxford District Court (Chester County, PA)

All charges including 16 Felony charges dismissed after trial alleging DUI, Aggravated Assault while DUI and related charges.  Commonwealth vs. Brock (Chester County, PA).

Drug Delivery Resulting in Death charges withdrawn (Montgomery County, PA) Commonwealth vs. Jones

All Felony & Misdemeanor charges withdrawn by Commonwealth on the eve of trial (Chester County, PA).

Man charged with possessing 4.5 ounces of cocaine, all felony charges withdrawn. Receives a misdemeanor possession. (Chester County, PA).

Probation and no jail time for school teacher who held sexual romance with a student. (Delaware County, PA). Commonwealth vs. Scott

Probation received for Defendant alleged to have stolen more than $300,000 in (Montgomery County, PA).

Obtained Probation for client charged with over 100 counts of Child Pornography Attorney General’s case (Schuylkill County, PA) Commonwealth vs. Baney

  • Pre-Trial dismissal – of more than a 100 grams of cocaine as a result of an illegal search of a hotel room. Chester County, Pennsylvania;
  • Pre-Trial dismissal – of Possession With the Intent to Deliver Heroine in Chester County, Pennsylvania;
  • Pre-Trial dismissal – of 20 Prescription felony charges under Rule 600 in Chester County, PA
  • Pre-Trial dismissal suppression – of over 100 grams of cocaine when police entered his home without a search warrant in Chester County, PA.
  • Pre-Trial dismissal – of Rape charge, aggravated assault charge and all other charges in alleged knife-point rape in Chester County, PA.
  • Pre-Trial dismissal – of DUI charge, and all other charges for violation of Rule 600 in Chester County, PA

Government Declined to bring charges after investigating an alleged Crime

  • Declination – of charges of Rape against a Professional athlete (All-star Professional Soccer player). Montgomery County, Pennsylvania;
  • Declination – of charges of Rape and Sexual Assault allegedly committed by law enforcement officer.
  • Declination – of case First Degree Murder charges, Chester County, Pennsylvania;
  • Declination – of child pornography charges, Chester County, Pennsylvania;
  • Declination – of charges of rape of child against a suspect in Lehigh County, PA
  • Declination – of charges against a prominent attorney alleging theft, Chester County, PA
  • Declination – of charges against public figure accused of theft and assault charges in Chester County, PA
  • Declination – of alleged sex charges against school teacher allegedly fondly his step-child (Berks County, PA)

Felony Sex Assault charges withdrawn in college sex crimes case by Attorney Evan Kelly
Willistown man pleads guilty to misdemeanor charges in sexual assault at West Chester University – Daily Local

Article describing First Degree Murder case handled by attorney Evan Kelly in the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Pottstown Mercury:

Trial begins for Lower Providence man accused of sexually assaulting, killing infant daughter.

Austin Stevens is charged with murder in his daughter’s death.

Evan Kelly negotiates probation sentence for Teacher accused of sexually assaulting her student

Evan Kelly negotiates the withdrawal of Rape and Sexual Assault charges for Minister as reported on CNN and the New York Post

Article detailing cross-examination by Mr. Kelly of government’s main witness in a capital murder case.

Article concerning murder case handled by Mr. Kelly

Client receives a sentence of two to four years, despite being charged with DUI homicide and leaving the scene of an accident. Client received this sentence despite facing a mandatory six years and a maximum 27 years in prison.

Article concerning sexual assault case handled by Mr. Kelly:

Man receives 18- to 44-month sentence for sex assault plea when originally charged with rape, which is punishable up to 20 years in state prison.

Article concerning robbery case handled

Article discussing firms representation of a client whose robbery and drug possession charges were dismissed.

Articles concerning murder cases handled by Mr. Kelly

Article concerning Mr. Kelly’s representation of a client allegedly involved in a fatal hit-and-run accident while driving under the influence.

Article discussing client charged with murder of an unborn child and third-degree murder as a result of an auto accident on Route 202 (Philadelphia Inquirer).

Article detailing Mr. Kelly’s defense of a man charged with second-degree murder.

Quoted in March 18, 2013, article for surrendering to the Coatesville Police Department an individual suspected of and charged with first-degree murder.

Article detailing Nov. 5, 2012, cross-examination of main witness in capital murder case in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Articles concerning rape and sexual assault cases handled by Mr. Kelly

Client receives probation for Child Pornography charges despite being charged with more than 100 felony counts

Principal facing felony sex charges receives probation and a misdemeanor conviction and no Megan’s Law requirements.

Quoted regarding his representation of the principal at the Concept School in Thornbury Township concerning charges of indecent assault.

Mr. Kelly successfully represented a former police officer charged with felony sexual assault. All three felony charges withdrawn as reported in May 6, 2014, Times Herald and Pottstown Mercury News.

Mr. Kelly got all charges dismissed against a juvenile client charged with two counts of rape in May 2012 before Judge Anthony Sarcione in Chester County, Pennsylvania

On May 9, 2013, negotiated an 11.5- to 23-month sentence and a sexual assault conviction for a man originally charged with rape and offered eight to 16 years in state prison. Commonwealth v. Miller

On Sept. 25, 2013, negotiated a plea to misdemeanor disorderly conduct for a client initially charged with rape, IDSI (involuntary deviate sexual intercourse), sexual assault and several other felonies. Client’s rape charges were the subject of an article in the Jan. 28, 2013, Daily Local News.

Evan Kelly negotiated the withdrawal of more than 50 felonies and 40 misdemeanors in an alleged multicount rape/ sexual assault case in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Mr. Kelly’s client received a county sentence and a plea bargain to non-Megan’s Law misdemeanors. See Commonwealth v. Hernandez.

Articles concerning drug cases handled by Mr. Kelly

Philadelphia Inquirer case detailing effects of heroin and related abuses: __her_attacker_awaits_sentence.html?c=r

Evan Kelly negotiated a misdemeanor plea for a man found to be in possession of 431 grams of marijuana. News article found at:

On Nov. 13, 2013, Evan Kelly negotiated the dismissal of two felony drug charges each carrying mandatory minimum sentences of five to 10 years and negotiated misdemeanor and probationary sentences in Commonwealth v. Blackburn. The defendant was charged with possessing 13.6 grams of crack cocaine and 20.2 grams of PCP.

On March 12, 2014, Mr. Kelly negotiated the withdrawal of felony intent to deliver charges, felony conspiracy charges and seven other misdemeanor charges for a negotiated guilty plea to misdemeanor paraphernalia.

On Aug. 19, 2013, Mr. Kelly negotiated withdrawal of all charges, including DUI and drug charges, against a client before Judge Bortner of Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Jan. 20, 2013, article concerning client charged with trafficking over 10 kilos of cocaine in a three-month period.

Evan Kelly successfully argued a Rule 600 motion in Chester County Court of Common Pleas. Based on Mr. Kelly’s motion, cross-examination of the officer and argument, the court dismissed more than seven felony drug charges.

Articles regarding assault cases handled by Mr. Kelly

On April 19, 2013, Mr. Kelly negotiated withdrawal of an aggravated assault charge, a first-degree felony, in a shooting case. The defendant received a probation sentence for simple assault (M2).

Mr. Kelly successfully represented an individual by getting him a county sentence even though he was found to have stabbed a man at least six times. Article in June 5, 2014, Daily Local News

Mr. Kelly obtained a misdemeanor conviction and probation sentence for a school counselor charged with several felonies and whom admitted to assaulting a resident.

Articles regarding theft cases handled by Mr. Kelly

Mr. Kelly represented a Chester County businessman charged with over $200,000 theft as reported in Daily Local News on May 20, 2014.

Quoted in the March 13, 2013, Philadelphia Inquirer concerning a client indicted federally for allegedly entering a scheme that procured $1.7 million in fraudulent tax refund.

Quoted by the York Daily Record, Eyewitness News 9, KDKA 1020 AM and the Indiana Gazette on May 27, 2010, concerning high-profile client charged with political corruption case out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.,109018/

Quoted in May 24, 2010, Suburban, Main Line Times and Chester County Daily Local concerning a client charged with several bank robbery offenses.

Bellwoar Kelly, LLP won a suppression motion in the case of Commonwealth v. Chamberlain in the Chester County Court of Common Pleas. As a result of the successful suppression motion, the court suppressed over 94 grams of crack cocaine and dismissed the charge of possession with intent to deliver (which carried a five-year minimum mandatory sentence).

Bellwoar Kelly, LLP secured a not guilty verdict after a jury trial in an attempted homicide and aggravated assault case on Aug. 22, 2014. The case appeared in the Daily Local News.