Criminal Defense

When you get caught up in the criminal justice system, it may feel like everyone — from the police to the prosecutors to the judge and jury — is against you. The system is confusing. It’s intimidating. And that’s why you should never face it alone.

At the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP, we’re on your side. Our firm was founded on the conviction that everyone deserves a strong criminal defense — no matter the nature or severity of the accusations against you. We fight tirelessly to level the playing field and uphold the principle of innocent until proven guilty.

Fighting For You When It Matters The Most

When the government brings criminal charges against you, it’s no time to mess around. Even seemingly minor charges such as DUI or underage drinking can have major long-term consequences. A criminal record can hold you back in countless way. And, in more serious cases, your very freedom may hang in the balance.

We appreciate what’s at stake. You can count on our lawyers to handle your case as though their own liberties were on the line. That’s the level of dedication you deserve.

The Advantage Of Former Prosecutors

Knowing how the other side thinks is a critical skill for success in any court case. Our principal attorneys share this key advantage. Both have a wealth of experience as former prosecutors. This means:

  • They know the Pennsylvania court system inside and out.
  • They know how prosecutors tend to approach cases.
  • They understand the tactics and techniques that law enforcement may have used in your case.
  • They know how to identify violations of your rights such as unlawful searches and illegal arrests.
  • They have built respected reputations as accomplished trial lawyers.

When you enlist our firm, these advantages become your advantages. And when so much is at stake, every advantage makes a difference.

Together, our lawyers have 40-plus years of experience in criminal law. That experience can be your advantage.

We Handle State And Federal Charges Across Pennsylvania

No charges are too complex for our legal team. We handle state and federal charges ranging from misdemeanor DUIs to drug charges to felony murder and rape cases — and everything in between. Turn to us for an experienced defense against:

  • Drunk/intoxicated driving charges
  • Drug possession and trafficking
  • Prescription drug crimes
  • Domestic violence
  • Theft offenses
  • Juvenile offenses
  • Sex offenses
  • White collar crimes
  • Weapons offenses
  • Violent crimes
  • And more

We also handle post-conviction matters such as probation violations, appeals and expungements.

Under Investigation?

You can turn to us for help if you’re facing a criminal investigation but charges haven’t yet been filed. In fact, you should do so. A criminal investigation is a serious matter that deserves prompt attention. In such a high-stakes situation, an effective defense from the start can set you up for a much better outcome when charges are filed, or even forestall them entirely.

Protecting Your Privacy

In addition to impacting your privileges and freedoms, criminal charges can impact your privacy and reputation, laying bare damaging accusations to a public that’s hungry for scandal.

Our lawyers are no strangers to high-profile cases. We’ve handled several that attracted national headlines, and we’ve fought against charges involving serious allegations of murder, rape, child pornography and more. We know how to handle these cases with sensitivity and discretion. Our lawyers will work proactively to safeguard your privacy at every stage of proceedings.

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