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Public Entity Lawyers Serving Southeastern Pennsylvania

Public entity law deals with all legal matters for a city, township, borough or school district.   In southeastern Pennsylvania, townships are typically governed by supervisors who are elected by the residents living in that township.  Boroughs are governed by councilpersons, and a mayor elected by the residents living in the borough.  At Bellwoar Kelly, LLP our attorneys have a wealth of knowledge pertaining to not only who those elected officials are, but also, the steps required in order to get a project approved by a township or a borough. We have worked with school districts to address labor issues and student issues such as disciplinary actions.

Zoning & Land Development Laws

Land development and zoning law concerns the government regulation of the use and development of land.  Land development involves an individual or a business entity attempting to obtain needed approvals for a project.  Zoning regulations are enacted by a municipality and enforced by the zoning board.  This firm represents several municipalities throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Bellwoar Kelly, LLP has extensive experience in representing not just municipalities and zoning boards but also individuals appearing before those boards on zoning and land development issues.   Our lawyers have evaluated land development plans for compliance with a municipality’s laws and in many cases litigated those decisions in courts throughout the Pennsylvania. Contact our experienced attorneys today!

Counseling Large & Small Municipalities and Townships for Over 25 Years

Andrew Bellwoar has a wealth of experience representing elected and appointed officials and their municipalities.  Andrew Bellwoar has encountered just about every issue that could arise in municipal cases.   Specifically, Andrew Bellwoar has handled zoning and land development issues, labor and employment issues, writing ordinances and enforcing ordinances on behalf of his municipal clients.  For over 25 years, Andrew Bellwoar has counseled large and small municipalities on how to achieve their goals.  Contact Andrew Bellwoar today so he can help you attain your objectives.

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Our municipal lawyers have an excellent reputation for the quality of our work and our ability to obtain the best possible outcomes in the most difficult of cases. With offices in West Chester, Pottstown, Kennett Square, and Media, we are here to help. Contact our public entity attorneys for a FREE consultation.