5 accused of involvement in Pennsylvania drug rings

by | Jan 19, 2015 | Drug Violations

Pennsylvania police officers took five people into custody in the Pittsburgh area on Jan. 12 after they were accused of being involved in a drug trafficking ring. One of the accused individuals, a 32-year-old man living in West Homestead, was believed to be a part of a motorcycle club that was known for operating a large prescription drug and cocaine ring.

Authorities reportedly served a warrant at the man’s home following a federal investigation. The authorities reportedly seized a mirror that obtained cocaine, a baggie containing cocaine, steroids, assorted needles and a firearm from the man’s residence, among other unreported items. Additionally, it was noted that the bomb squad was called to the scene in response to something that was found in the home, though no other details were given. The accused man made his first appearance in court on Jan. 13 and was ordered to be held in custody without bond.

The other four individuals who were taken into custody were also identified and charged with drug-related offenses. All three reportedly remained in federal custody and were scheduled to make their first appearance in court on Jan. 14.

In Pennsylvania, those who are accused of being in possession of cocaine or being involved in a drug trafficking ring potentially face consequences that can be severe. For example, the accused may face a prison sentence and probation if they are convicted of the crimes. However, there are several defense strategies that an attorney may utilize in order to potentially have the case dismissed. For example, if the authorities violated the accused person’s rights during the investigation that led to the charges or there are inconsistencies between the police reports and police testimony, the attorney may successfully file a motion to have the case dismissed altogether.

Source: WPXI, “5 alleged members of motorcycle club arrested in Pittsburgh-area DEA raid”, Jan. 13, 2015

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