Probation Violation

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A probation violation can mean jail time for an accused.  Under Pennsylvania law, probation is defined as a period of time that the defendant is supervised by the county in which the defendant was sentenced. The time period for how long a defendant can be placed on probation is set by the sentencing court. If a Defendant violates the terms of his probation, then he has committed a probation violation. When a defendant commits a probation violation, the court can either sentence him to more probation or sentence him to a period of incarceration.  Chester County Criminal Lawyer If you are facing a probation violation, you should strongly consider contacting an experienced Chester County Probation Violation attorney immediately.

In Pennsylvania, when people are sentenced for committing crimes, they receive either a period of incarceration followed by a period of parole or just a flat time period of probation. Parole is essentially the same thing as probation. The only difference is that parole is defined as the amount of time for a sentence that the defendant is allowed to stay out of prison, when the sentence he received could have required him to stay in prison for that period of time. An example of this occurs when a Defendant receives a sentence of 1-2 years in state prison. If the Defendant is paroled after serving one year in prison, the remaining one year that he has left on his sentence is referred to as parole.

Depending upon the type of case, probation can entail several different things. A defendant whom is placed on probation may be forced to undergo a sexual evaluation Sex Crime Cases  and complete all recommended treatment, complete a drug evaluation and complete recommended treatment or even complete a mental health evaluation and all recommended treatment. A person who is sentenced to probation may also be required to complete community service, attend AA meetings and/or become involved in out-patient therapy.

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