RRRI and sentencing

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If you are facing serious criminal charges that may entail a state prison sentence, you should make sure that you speak to your Chester County Criminal Defense Lawyer Chester County Criminal Lawyers  about the RRRI sentencing program. RRRI stands for the Recidivism Risk Reduction Incentive program. It is a program which is only available for criminal defendants who receive a state sentence. If you have received a sentence which requires you to only spend time in county prison, then you will not be eligible for the RRRI program and its enhanced sentencing. 

What is RRRI? RRRI enables an individual serving a state sentence to have the time that he is required to serve in state prison reduced dramatically. Specifically, an individual who is sentenced to 3 years or less will have his prison time reduced by 25%. An individual who is sentenced to a period of prison time of 3-6 years can have his prison time reduced by approximately 17%. Accordingly, receiving a RRRI eligible sentence is a significant benefit if you have to serve time in state prison.

What crimes are eligible for RRRI? Generally, in order to be eligible for the RRRI program, you have to have a criminal record showing that you have never been convicted of a crime of violence or of a sex crime. Sex Crimes  An exception to this occurs when both the government’s attorney and the defense agree that a defendant should be deemed eligible for the RRRI program even though they are charged with a crime that normally would not be appropriate for the RRRI program. The specific statute dealing with RRRI eligible crimes states that individuals can receive RRRI so long as they do not have a history of violent behavior, have not been sentenced to a crime which included a deadly weapon enhancement or a Megan’s law offense

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