Violent Crimes: Murder

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Murder is one of the most serious types of Violent Crimes. A conviction for this crime carries typically carries a sentence of life in prison. And a criminal defendant can be convicted for certain types of violent crimes such as murder even if he did not intentionally kill someone. read about self-defense  The only requirement for murders such as 2nd degree murder is that the accused conspired with another individual to commit the crime such as robbery or burglary and that someone died as a result of their actions. If you are being investigated for involvement in the crime of murder, then it is imperative that you consult with an experienced Chester County attorney immediately.

Under the Pennsylvania Crimes Code there are three different types of Murder. The First type of Murder is Murder of the first degree. Murder Lawyer  Murder of the First Degree is a criminal homicide that is committed by an intentional killing. Under this type of crime, the government must prove that the defendant not only killed the victim, but that he intended to kill the victim. A murder is only first degree if it is willful, deliberate and a premeditated killing.

The second type of Murder that an accused can be charged with is Murder of the second degree. A criminal homicide constitutes murder of the second degree when the murder is committed while the accused was committing a felony either as an accomplice or as the main actor. In order to be an accomplice, the government need only prove that the defendant was assisting the murderer in either committing the murder, or fleeing from the scene after the murder occurred.

The Third type of murder that an accused can be charged with is Murder of the third degree. Murder of the Third Degree includes all other kinds of murder that are committed with Malice.

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