Theft unauthorized use of an automobile

by | Oct 9, 2016 | Theft

In Pennsylvania, it is a theft crime to use another person’s automobile or other vehicles without their consent. This crime is known as unauthorized use of automobiles and is a theft crime.  Unauthorized use of an automobile is also often referred to as joyriding. A person commits unauthorized use of automobiles or other vehicles if he operates the automobile, airplane, motorcycle, motorboat, or other motor-propelled vehicle of another without the consent of the owner. In order for charges not to become more serious charges such as theft, you must have used another person’s vehicle with the intent to temporarily deprive the owner of the vehicle. suppresion motions In other words, you must have used the owner’s vehicle without the intent to permanently deprive the owner of the vehicle. You could potentially be charged with this crime if you fail to return a car you have rented.

Unauthorized use of automobiles and other vehicles is a serious offense and if you commit it then you are committing a misdemeanor of the second degree. If you are found guilty of unauthorized use of automobiles and other vehicles, you could face up to two years imprisonment and/or fines of up to $5,000. It is a defense to prosecution under this section that you reasonably believed that the owner would have consented to the operation had he known of it. Identity Theft When dealing with joyriding charges and other related motor vehicle theft charges, establishing the intent of your acts could determine whether you will be charged with joyriding or a more serious offense such as grand auto theft. If you are facing joyriding charges or any other related motor vehicle theft charges, it is recommended to consult with a criminal defense attorney. A criminal defense attorney will be able to establish the facts of your case in order for you to receive the best possible outcome.

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