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In Pennsylvania and criminal defense it is a crime for furnishing drug free urine to another.  Under Criminal Defense law, furnishing drug free urine to another can occur in order to help someone beat a drug test.  Urine drug testing is used in many different situations for an array of reasons. If you have ever been hired to a new job, it is likely that you were required to give a urine sample for a pre-employment drug screening. Another common situation for urine drug test is if you are on probation or parole you may be required to frequently give samples. dui In these types of situations, it is common for people to find themselves looking for shortcuts or methods to pass a drug test with substances in their system. A popular method is by substituting someone else’s clean urine in place of your own. It is a crime in Pennsylvania to furnish drug-free urine. A person commits unlawful sale or attempt if he offers for sale, sells, causes to be sold or gives drug-free urine will be used for evading or causing deceitful results in a test for the presence of drugs. In addition, a person commits use or attempt if he uses or attempts to use drug-free urine for the purpose of evading or causing deceitful results in a test for the presence of drugs.

Furnishing drug-free urine is a serious offense that carries harsh penalties. If you commit the unlawful sale of drug-free urine or attempt to, you are committing a misdemeanor of the third degree. If you are found guilty, you face a possible penalty of up to one year imprisonment and/or fines up to $2,000. If you use or attempt to use drug-free urine, DUI Prescription drugs it is also a misdemeanor of the third degree. Although this type of crime seems victim less, it is a serious offense regardless that harms society at large. If you or someone you know is facing furnishing drug-free urine charges, it is important to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. A criminal defense attorney is essential if you want your case to receive the best possible outcome. ​

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