State Intermediate Punishment

by | Feb 12, 2017 | State Intermediate Punishment

State Intermediate Punishment is a program called SIP which is helpful for inmates in the Pennsylvania State Prison system with drug or alcohol problems.  If you have been convicted of a drug-related offense and are looking for options other than State Prison, there are different types of programs that you may be eligible for.  drug delivery resulting in death One of these programs is known as State Intermediate Punishment (SIP). The SIP program is designated for those who have been convicted of a drug-related offense and are low-level inmates. If you have been convicted of any violent offense, sex offense, or an offense involving the use of a deadly weapon, you are likely disqualified for this program.

Before sentencing can occur, the judge will request that a psychiatrist conducts a thorough drug and alcohol and risk assessment of the offender. In order to become involved with the SIP program, both the prosecutor and the sentencing judge must come to an agreement on recommending you for the program. If you are sentenced to SIP, you are given a 2-year sentence which is a 24-month program. vehicular homicide  7 months out of the 24-month program must be served in prison and 4 of those 7 months must be spent in some sort of therapeutic community. After the minimum of 2 months is served in a community-based therapeutic community, you must serve a minimum of 6 months in outpatient treatment. During this outpatient treatment, it is common for you to be housed in a halfway house. Any remaining time left to be served will be done so by you being on supervised integration into the community and you may be recommended additional services or treatment plans. The purpose of the SIP program is to cater to the offender’s individual needs and is meant to work through any substance abuse issues that you may have.

SIP is a great program and an alternative to possibly a much harsher state prison sentence. If you have tried other options for recovery from substance abuse issues, this may be an appropriate program for you. Unfortunately, failure to complete SIP may result in resentencing your case in court. If you are interested in participating in the State Intermediate Punishment program, you should contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible regarding your case.

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