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The PA criminal defense lawyers at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP are all former Assistant District Attorneys and county prosecutors who are prepared to aggressively represent you regardless of the type of criminal charges that you are facing.  Our PA criminal defense lawyers have handled high profile cases such as first-degree murder, rape, sexual assault and child pornography charges throughout southeastern Pennsylvania.  Additionally, our PA lawyers are award winning lawyers who have been selected as prestigious Super Lawyers and received numerous other awards for their advocacy.

Defending Sex Crimes in Southeastern Pennsylvania

Make sure that you consult with the experienced and aggressive sex crimes lawyers at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP if you are being investigated for or have been charged with committing a sex crime such as rape, indecent assault, sexual assault or possessing child pornography.  Our lawyers can handle all discussions with law enforcement and advise you as to the best strategy in defending you against the charges.  The penalties for committing sex crimes are very harsh in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  In addition to their being a Megan’s Law/SORNA requirement for a conviction of a crime such as rape, convictions for sex crimes almost always call for a sentence of incarceration at a state prison.  You can’t afford to hire the wrong lawyer to represent you in these types of cases.  Call us today at 610-314-7066.

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The PA criminal defense attorney’s at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP have represented thousands of clients throughout Pennsylvania.  But some of the geographical areas where we have represented a great majority of clients are:

When you are being investigated for a crime, it is important to have the representation of a skilled criminal defense lawyer who not only knows the law and the Judges, but also knows the various police officers and Assistant District Attorneys representing the government.  As former Assistant District Attorney’s, the lawyers at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP possess an in-depth knowledge of what the government needs to do in order to prove their case.  Please contact our law firm today for a free consultation.

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Call now and get the peace of mind that comes with enlisting an experienced criminal defense attorney: 610-314-7066. You can also reach out to us online. With offices in West Chester, Pottstown, Kennett Square, and Media, we represent clients across Pennsylvania. We can even meet with you at the jail, police station or another convenient location.