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At Bellwoar Kelly, LLP we know how intimidating Real Estate issues can be. Whether you are buying or selling property, it is easy to be inundated with various contracts containing dozens of different provisions.  Even more daunting is the fact that once you sign the Agreement of Sale for a piece of real estate, you are locked into the terms of that contract.   The time to ask an attorney to review the agreement of sale for a parcel of real estate is prior to signing it!  Contact the experienced Real Estate Lawyers at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP today.

Practical Zoning and Real Estate Advice

At Bellwoar Kelly, LLP, attorney Andrew Bellwoar has assisted and represented hundreds of people purchase a residence, acquire a commercial property, or fight a zoning problem.  He has over 30 years’ experience of advising not only individuals and businesses, but also various local government and zoning hearing boards in Chester County, Montgomery County, Berks County and Delaware County.   He understands the process and is familiar with many of the local government attorneys, employees, and ordinances. 

The Advantage Of Hiring a Municipal Lawyer for Your Real Estate or Zoning Questions

Knowing how the other side thinks is a critical skill for success in any case involving real estate and zoning.  Andrew Bellwoar shares this key advantage as a result of his previous experience representing various municipalities, townships and zoning boards.  Andrew Bellwoar has a wealth of experience which means:

  • He knows how Municipal law works from the side of government.
  • He knows how Municipal Lawyers approach cases.
  • He understands what a local Zoning Hearing Board is looking for when it comes to analyzing your request.
  • He has built a respected reputation in the community of municipal, real estate and zoning lawyers.

When you hire Andrew Bellwoar and the attorneys at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP you are tapping into the advantages and knowledge that we have gained from decades of working with various government agencies and zoning boards.  Please call us today or contact us here in order to schedule your free consultation.

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Our real estate lawyers have an excellent reputation for the quality of our work and our ability to obtain the best possible outcomes in the most difficult of cases. With offices in West Chester, Pottstown, Kennett Square, and Media, we are here to help. Contact our real estate attorneys for a FREE consultation.