Know how a lawyer can help you come to a plea deal

by | Jun 23, 2017 | Drug Charges

In some criminal cases, your best hope for resolving your case in a timely and suitable manner is the plea bargain. This is something that requires you to work with the prosecution to come to an agreement about the charge you are facing or the sentence that you will face. In exchange for them working with you, you will plead guilty in court.

There are several things that you should think about when you are considering a plea bargain. One of these is that you will likely need a lawyer to help you reach a plea deal with the prosecution. Many prosecutors will only work with attorneys on these deals, so you might not be able to reach one if you are representing yourself.

Some cases in the criminal justice system, such as drug possession cases, are so commonplace that there are actually standardized plea deals that the prosecutors use. These might be set in stone; however, there are some instances in which a skilled defense attorney who is familiar with the prosecution might be able to get some of the points in the standard deal tweaked to better suit the situation.

Ultimately, many plea deals are based on how the prosecution feels about the charge, the crime and the defendant. These deals are meant to help resolve cases faster, but both sides have to be willing to work together. If this doesn’t happen or if you just can’t work out a suitable deal, you will have to prepare for trial. Make sure that you think carefully about all of the applicable points that you can call into question as you work on your defense.

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