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by | Oct 12, 2017 | Treatment Court

Treatment Courts are legal courts that focus primarily on treating the defendant for his or her addictions to alcohol or drugs. Treatment Courts such as Drug Court have been becoming more and more prevalent throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Treatment Courts provide a way for the accused to be supervised by the court and emphasize treatment and rehabilitation as opposed to punishment. ARD The primary reason that courts such as these became more prevalent is that typical ways of dealing with drug addicted crime simply was not working. Addicts typically do not get rehabilitated unless they hit bottom and are shown a path towards rehabilitation. Courts have found that simply locking up and addicts and throwing away the key does very little if anything to make sure that an addict does not reoffend. Instead, courts have found that the best way to deal with criminal defendants who are suffering from addiction is to try and provide assistance through the courts.

So what are the typical treatment courts in such counties as Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Berks County and Lancaster County? Most have these courts have a treatment court known as Drug Court. Drug Court is a program that was established to help treat the addict by providing him and her with carrots, if they follow the rules and stay clean and sticks, prison time, if they relapse and break the law. The benefit of Drug Court such as  Chester County Drug Court is they provide and frequently fund rehab and other types of assistance for those defendants that need it. The program frequently begins with weekly random testing and the requirement of attending 12 step meetings and some form of outpatient therapy. drug delivery resulting in death As the program continues however, the requirements become less stringent as the defendant can prove to the court that they are able to stay clean and sober.

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