DUI Homicide

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One of the saddest and most tragic types of cases that seems to occur around New Years Day is the charge of DUI Homicide. DUI Homicide is a particularly tragic crime because it almost always involves negligent conduct by the defendant (drinking too much) that lead to unintended consequences in the form of a vehicle accident and the killing of a completely innocent victim.  aggravated assault while DUIDUI Homicide is a very serious crime and the consequences can be quite severe. Specifically, there is a three-year minimum mandatory for this charge which means that a criminal defendant convicted of this crime has to serve at least the minimum of three years is prison. A judge can also sentence the criminal defendant to significantly more time as a result of the seriousness of the charge. Changes to this statute also appear to be imminent. Various papers have reported that the Pennsylvania legislature is considering legislation that will heighten the penalties for individuals convicted of this crime who have also been convicted for a prior DUI.

In order to be convicted of this crime the government has to prove that the criminal defendant was First, incapable of safe driving as a result of excessive use of alcohol or narcotic (the narcotic can be legal so long as the defendant took more than was prescribed) and that the death to the victim occurred as a result of the Defendant’s intoxication. DUI right to lawyer Meaning that the death didn’t happen as a result of some freak accident (a deer running into the middle of the road, the negligence of a third driver etc). Make sure to contact an experienced DUI Lawyer at the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP if you have been convicted of or are being investigated for committing this serious offense. The law for this charge seems to be in flux so make sure to contact experienced former prosecutors who can advise you through the process. Call the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP today.

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