Juvenile crimes informal intake

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One of the first steps in cases involving the allegation of juvenile crimes is the informal intake with the juvenile probation officer. sex crimes against minors The informal intake occurs after a case has been referred by a law enforcement officer to the juvenile system. A case is referred to the juvenile system when a juvenile is charged with either a misdemeanor or felony crime. Once a case is referred to the juvenile system, the juvenile and his parents are sent a letter where they are asked to meet with a juvenile probation officer. During this meeting, the probation officer will speak to the accused’s parents and ask them how he is doing at home and at school and review the accused’s options going forward. Additionally, the probation officer will inform the juvenile of what will be expected of him while he is on supervision. Typical requirements are counseling, attending school and random drug testing. The informal intake is a very important stage in the juvenile criminal process. Make sure to contact an experienced Chester County juvenile attorney today if your son or daughter have been charged with a crime as a juvenile and has received notification of an informal intake.

There is more to the juvenile crimes process than just the informal intake. To begin, Juvenile crimes occur when an individual under the age of 18 is charged with committing a crime in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. After the juvenile is charged with a crime, warrantless search of a car he will either be sent notification of an informal intake request, or in very serious cases, be detained by the court until his case can be heard by a Judge. Although not as draconian as the adult criminal system, an adjudication in the juvenile system can have very serious repercussions on a young person’s life. An adjudication can lead to probation, detention and even placement at a juvenile facility.

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