Understanding different types of child custody

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Child custody can be very complex and hard to understand at times. Child custody can be a result of divorce, separation, or other changes in the household, and puts a lot of stress on the family, in particularly the children. When talking about child custody there are two different types; physical and legal. Physical custody refers to where the children will live after a divorce is finalized, and legal custody refers to which parent will be in charge of the children’s up brings (medical care, education, and religion). endangering welfare of a child After a judge reviews the case they will decide which type of child custody is most appropriate. The judge can choose from sole physical custody, joint physical custody, sole legal custody, joint legal custody, and/or guardianship or non-parent custody. The non – custodial parent can also be appointed with visitation rights.

There are many different issues that can arise when understanding and contemplating different types of child custody issues. It is imperative to find a qualified custody attorney that can keep things calm and help your family threw the process. Child custody arrangements, and other types of family law, are focused on the best interests of the child. You want the best for your children, so you must have the best legal assistance to help you find common ground between the parents and to help find the best outcome for your children. Divorce lawyers Child custody arrangements can have long-lasting effects; so don’t attempt to handle yours without a qualified attorney. For more information and a free consultation regarding child custody cases and family law, contact the lawyers at the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP. Child Custody cases can appear and be heard before either Court of Common Pleas Judges or Masters. Make sure that you understand your options.

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