Violent Crimes Abuse and neglect of care dependent person

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Violent Crimes

Violent Crimes such as Abuse and neglect of care dependent person is a criminal offense is defined under section 2713 of the Pa criminal code. This offense deals with the relationship between a caretaker (ex: parent) and a care dependent person (ex: a child). Murder The statute outlines three provisions in which a person can violate this statute. The first provision is a person commits this offense if a caretaker causes injury, serious bodily injury or death by failing to provide treatment, care, goods or services necessary to preserve the health, safety or welfare of the care dependent person. The second provision is if a caretaker uses physical or chemical restraints, medication, or isolation which results in injury, serious bodily injury, or death of the care dependent person. The last provision is similar to the first provision but does not include injury to the care dependent person. The circumstances surrounding the care dependent person are so bad that it has the possibility of producing harm.

With this Violent Crimes statute of Abuse and neglect of care dependent person there are three different provisions in which someone can violate this statute, all with varying degrees of harm and means of producing that harm, the penalties for this offense vary from a misdemeanor of the second-degree, to a felony of the first degree. discharge firearm occupied structure  Under the first provision the offense can be classified as a misdemeanor of the first-degree if any injury took place, or as a felony of the first degree if serious bodily injury or death took place. Under the second provision the degrees of classification are exactly the same as under the first provision. Under the third provision it is a misdemeanor of the second-degree if the only thing that took place was a violation of the provision as worded in the statute. However, it is a felony of the third-degree when the circumstances are particularly bad and the care dependent’s welfare is in serious danger. Crimes involving children in particular are viewed by the public as more egregious than other types of crimes and therefore should be handled with the utmost seriousness if you have been accused of this type of crime. In order to ensure the best outcome for your case, it is important to have good legal representation. The attorneys at the Bellwoar Kelly, LLPwill help fight for the best possible outcome give the facts of your case.

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