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by | May 15, 2019 | Juvenile Crimes

When the topic of juvenile crimes arrises and the juvenile is then adjudicated delinquent of the offense, depending on the offense, they could end up incarcerated at juvenile placement or at a juvenile detention center. juvenile sex crimes This is often a last resort or as a means to get serious offenders the rehabilitation they need before they end up in the adult system. A lot of time and effort goes into deciding where the juvenile is placed. Most often, the juveniles are placed on some kind of probation and are released to the custody of their parents. However, the more serious offenders are often placed into a secured detention center. There are several high security detention centers located across the state of Pennsylvania. For the central Pennsylvania area, there is the Loysville Youth Development Center and the South Mountain Secure Treatment Unit. South Mountain is high security facility for juveniles deemed very aggressive and most of whom have past placement issues.

In terms of juvenile crimes and juvenile placement for the western region of Pa, there is The New Castle Youth Development Center and the Cresson Secure Treatment Unit. Cresson Secure is that regions high security detention center and houses the most serious offenders. internet sex crimes This unit also has a very intensive program for juveniles who have committed serious sexual offenses. Finally, for the eastern region of Pennsylvania there is the North Central Secure Treatment Unit. This unit is located on the grounds of the Danville State Hospital grounds and houses the most aggressive and most violent offenders for that region. There are a number of programs that are designed to rehabilitate the offenders. In addition to the high security detention centers located in the different regions for the most serious offenders, there are some lesser secure centers that can house juveniles who need more supervision than their parents, but do not need the intensive supervision of the high security units. These are called Youth Camps and located in central Pa and there is one at the Hickory Run State Park. These camps are designed to provide housing for juveniles who need more programming an supervision, but who do not need the intensive supervision at the high security units.

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