Have you prepared for slip-and-fall season?

by | Oct 3, 2019 | Slip And Fall Injury

Wintertime in Pennsylvania is not too far off, which means you can expect snow and ice to cover various walking surfaces. That also means you can expect more people to suffer slip-and-fall accidents while out and about.

To help you keep both feet on the ground, Immediate Clinic offers tips on avoiding falls, slips and trips. Keep yourself out of the emergency room this holiday season.

Slips and falls happen inside

Before you get too comfortable and think that the danger of slipping and falling passes as soon as you step indoors, think twice. Snow, ice and other forms of precipitation can blow or leak inside your home or a place of business. Also, other people can track snow inside, where it can become a slipping hazard.

Understand common scenes of slip-and-fall accidents

Knowing where slips, trips and falls commonly happen goes a long way in avoiding them. For instance, wood decks, stairs, parking lots and walkways are often accident sites. Essentially, any area that receives a substantial amount of foot traffic presents a risk.

Learn what you can do to better protect yourself

Before you head out into the snow and ice, be sure you have shoes that have plenty of traction to keep you from slipping on slick surfaces. Keep your eyes peeled for areas that have a lot of snow and ice, walking around them if you can. To better keep your balance if you do slip, get into the habit of walking with your hands out of your pockets. In public places, look for cleared sidewalks and walkways treated with sand or other substances designed to prevent slips and falls.

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