How can I keep my home safe during the holidays?

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2019 | Injuries

Decorating your home during the holiday season is a fun bonding experience for the whole family. However, you also want to rest assured that you’re honoring safe practices when putting up decorations. Risk of fire or injuries should be a constant concern, one that must be taken seriously so you keep your family and any guests in your home safe. In this case, the following holiday decoration safety tips can help you make your home look amazing without increasing your risk. 

Keep Christmas trees away from direct heat 

Even if you buy a fresh live Christmas tree at the start of the season, it’s likely it will dry out over time. As a result, placing the tree too close to any open flames or direct heat sources is a disaster waiting to happen. This can include fireplaces, candles, or even portable heaters, which can sometimes pose a fire hazard when placed improperly. 

Maintain trees properly when in your home 

Additionally, you can lower the risk that your tree becomes a fire hazard by properly watering it during the holiday season. The more water you provide to your tree, the less likely it is to dry out. You can test how moist your tree is by snapping its needles. If they break easily, water your tree on a more frequent basis. 

Buy the right lights 

Some holiday lights can be used inside, while others can be used outdoors. Make sure you choose the right lights by looking at the label. A green label indicates that lights are only designed to be used indoors. Conversely, a red label means lights can be used both indoors and outdoors. All lights should bear a label with approval from Underwriters Lab, which is an independent group that safety tests consumer items. 

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