How do you spot a shoplifter?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2020 | Theft

Many stores in Pennsylvania have to deal with shoplifters at one time or another, and the likelihood varies depending on what type of store it is and where it is located. If you own or are working at a retail establishment, it is good to be aware of the signs that someone is about to shoplift, so you can stop it before it happens. 

Just because you see someone exhibiting one of the below signs does not necessarily mean that he or she is a thief. Do, however, be on the lookout for people who do more than one of these things, and exercise your best judgment. 

Coming out of a fitting room with fewer items 

If you work at a department or clothing store, be mindful of how many items people enter and leave fitting rooms with. Vector Security advises that if you see someone go into a fitting room with several items and emerge with fewer than they entered with, or nothing at all, check the room afterward to see if they just left items in there. Items that are completely gone may be concealed on someone’s person as he or she heads out. 

Bulky clothing 

Many people wear bulky clothing, so this is not a red flag on its own. But if this is seen in combination with the other warning signs, be wary. 

Suspicious behavior 

Someone who is looking around nervously may be up to something. Shoplifters tend to work in groups, where one or two people create a distraction while the other grabs some merchandise. 

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