When should you update child custody arrangements?

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When Pennsylvania parents get divorced, the court decides on child custody. But the court also knows that your life situation will not stay the same forever. There are some cases in which custody orders may need modification. In these instances, it is important for you to understand if your reasons are eligible. It is also important to understand how to make these changes. 

Pennsylvania Courts have a form for updating child custody arrangements. You may request an update if you feel your reason is good enough to merit one. It is up to the court to decide if they agree with that sentiment. To increase your chance of having your request approved, you should know why people change arrangements. 

The death or absence of the other parent is one common reason. If the parent passes away, they can no longer care for the child. If they are absent, they cannot stick to the schedule either. Incarceration can result in absences. Absences are also common with parents who are active members of the military. In some cases, it also includes parents who refuse to follow the visitation schedule. If your ex-spouse always misses visitation periods, you can change it. 

If the child is in immediate danger in the ex-spouse’s care, this is also a reason to change the arrangements. Courts will pay attention to whether a child has voiced a desire to leave the location. They also see how immediate the danger is. Examples include houses in which a member of the household is abusive. 

There are other reasons for changes but these are the most common. To see if your reason counts, submit a request. 

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