Rural roads are unexpectedly dangerous for drivers

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2020 | Personal Injury

When people think of Pennsylvania roads, they think of I-95 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike. However, there are also many rural roads in the state with which people are unfamiliar. This means that drivers must go out of their way to exercise extra caution on these roads as opposed to driving recklessly because they think that nobody is around them.

Rural roads have a difficult and unpredictable terrain. Those who live in the area may know these roads, but they present a hazard to drivers who have never traveled over them before. At the same time, many motorists have a tendency to speed because they think that there’s not a police officer in sight. The combination of excess speed and an unfamiliar road can get dangerous in a hurry. Passing is also difficult on rural roads because they are narrow and often only have two lanes. Nonetheless, drivers act in an overconfident fashion when on these roads.

The other danger lies in the fact that medical help is not near if there is an accident. Those who are injured may need to wait longer for the paramedics to arrive, and the time to be transported to the hospital is even longer. Since seconds matter, when it comes to treating serious accident injuries, there is a greater chance that the severity of the injury will increase.

Drivers and passengers who have suffered injuries in an accident on rural roads may be eligible for financial compensation if someone else was negligent. They should consult with a personal injury lawyer to learn their legal rights and the process that they would need to follow if they decided to file a claim.

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