What should I do if someone is accusing me of rape?

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2020 | Rape

One of the most frightening phone calls a person can receive is a phone call where they are accused of rape or sexual assault.  Although phone calls such as this might at first seem trivial or even insulting, the reality is that the government frequently bases their sex assault and rape prosecutions on evidence containing little more than he said she said.  Additionally, phone calls from a jilted ex-lover can frequently escalate into a visit from the local police detective and an accusatory interview wherein everything that you say can be and will be used against you.  In situations such as this, it is important that you reach out to experienced Chester County Sex Crimes and Chester County Rape lawyers who can defend you.  At Bellwoar Kelly, LLP we have a wealth of experience in defending individuals who have been formally charged by the police and are still being investigated.

One misunderstood concept that people frequently have about sex crimes cases is the concept of hearsay and whether someone can be charged based on nothing more than an alleged victim claiming that he or she was sexually assaulted.  The answer to this question is that you can be formally charged of a crime even if the evidence is nothing more than a person claiming that he or she was sexually assaulted.  That’s why at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP we take all investigations into allegations of rape seriously.  The lawyers at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP are former prosecutors and Assistant District Attorneys who spent many years of their careers prosecuting sex crimes on behalf of the government.  You deserve too have the best criminal defense lawyers representing you.  Contact the experienced sex crimes lawyers at Bellwoar Kelly, LLP today.  We look forward to speaking with you.

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