Reasons for dismissed drug charges

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2020 | Drug Charges

Individuals arrested for possessing illegal drugs in Pennsylvania can later have the charges dropped against them for a variety of reasons. The Supreme Court is responsible for some of these reasons. Other reasons for dropped drug charges can include procedural missteps on the part of police officers.

The most common explanation for dropped drug charges is a plea agreement on the part of the defendant. It is common for defendants who need to mount a criminal defense for more than one charge at a time to receive the option to plead guilty to one of the charges against them. This plea is in exchange for having the other cases the defendant faces dropped. It may be easier for defendants to have drug charges dropped when the other charges against them are more serious.

Charges can also become dismissed by a court when a police officer searches a person or their property without reason. Searches completed without probable cause may have the evidence gained from them thrown out by a judge.

In addition, prosecutors who discover evidence that a police officer is guilty of corruption will likely reconsider the validity of all convictions based on the officer’s testimony. There are times when the actions of a corrupt officer will cause dozens of cases to become dismissed.

Drug charge defendants who are interested in trading information about others involved in crimes may also have charges against them dismissed. This fact is especially relevant if the person looking to have charges dropped against them possesses information regarding a bulk distributor of narcotics.

Individuals arrested for drugs face serious consequences that can alter the course of their lives for many years. A strong criminal defense is needed to minimize exposure to damage. A criminal defense attorney may prove helpful to defendants who must fight drug charges in court.

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