Survey reveals facts about distracted driving

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2020 | Vehicle Crimes

The Artificial Intelligence firm Netradyne released study results showing that many people in Pennsylvania and other parts of the country think it is unsafe to drive a car. The main reason for this concern is distracted drivers.

The chief executive officer of the AI firm says that distracted driving plays a consistent role in motor vehicle accidents. The good news, as the CEO sees it, is that these accidents are under the control of the drivers and can decrease with the use of proper training and help from the latest technology. The executive stated that it is the wish of Netradyne to use the AI-powered technology it has developed to contribute to safer roads.

The study’s analysis showed that the most likely activity to distract a driver is the consumption of liquids while the most severe of distractions is using social media behind the wheel. One in five poll respondents received fines or points on their license for distracted driving. One in seven respondents became involved in an accident that cost them a vehicle or injury.

The survey from Netradyne took place over a two-week period that began on Feb. 25 and ended on March 10, 2020. The more than 1,200 drivers who participated in the survey were all over 18 years of age. Each driver possessed a driver’s license and drove a car no less than once a week that they either owned or that belonged to a family member. More than half of the drivers expressed the belief that driving is less safe than in the past. Four out of five respondents said distracted driving is a problem.

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