What are some defenses against domestic violence charges?

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Domestic violence is a serious charge in Pennsylvania that can be upgraded to a felony in certain conditions. If you’re being accused of domestic violence, fighting off the charges and defending your reputation might sound like a challenging task. Fortunately, there are multiple defense options that attorneys have used in the past.

How can you defend yourself against domestic violence charges?

Self-defense is a common defense against domestic violence charges. If you can prove to the judge that you were provoked, the charges might be dropped. You might have to show evidence that the other party attacked you first or threatened your life in some way.

Lack of intent is another defense that some attorneys have brought up in court. To be convicted of domestic violence, the prosecution has to prove that you intended to harm the other party. You shouldn’t be convicted of domestic violence if you harmed someone accidentally or unintentionally.

In some cases, the other party might simply be lying. Your attorney could help you point out the flaws in the other person’s story and prove to the judge that you didn’t commit acts of domestic violence. It’s not unheard of for people to make up false accusations to get back at their partners, especially if they’re trying to win a child custody case.

Finally, insanity could be used as a defense in a domestic violence trial. However, your attorney will have to prove that you were insane to the point that you didn’t know what you were doing or didn’t understand right from wrong.

How can you prepare your defense?

An attorney could figure out the best way to defend you from unwarranted charges. Depending on the situation, this might involve poking holes in the other party’s story or arguing that you were provoked.

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