Are certain slip-and-fall hazards more prevalent at grocery stores than others?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2021 | Slip And Fall Injury

Many individuals here in Pennsylvania worry about suffering a slip-and-fall when there’s inclement weather outside. While it’s valid for them to concern themselves with that happening, they’re just as likely, if not more so, to suffer a slip-and-fall injury while visiting their local grocery store. 

There many dangers that exist at supermarkets that can cause slip-and-fall incidents. You may find it helpful to know what they are so that you can protect yourself from injuries the next time you visit the local grocery store.

Spilled food products or liquids

How many times have you watched a television show that shows someone slipping on a banana peel? It could happen. It’s also possible for you to slip on cooking oil or laundry detergent that someone spills in the aisle while shopping. 

Puddling of water around freezers

Any refrigeration devices such as freezers may malfunction, causing water to begin pooling underneath or around them. Ice could also fall and melt nearby self-serve concession areas creating a puddle that could cause a customer to have a slip-and-fall.

Rugs at entryways

Many stores have rugs to track sand, water and other debris from being tracked inside. It’s not uncommon for these rugs to become frayed or the edge to turn up, creating a trip and fall hazard. 

Tile flooring issues

Many stores will have their employees mop or wax their floors at night. It can cause significant issues if they’re not allowed to dry or properly done. Any cracks or missing tiles may also pose slip and fall hazard risks. 

You can recover compensation for your injuries

While it’s always best for customers to notify store employees if they notice a spill so that they can clean it up, they often don’t. Store employees may also notice it but not get a chance to clean it up before someone gets hurt. 

If you experience a slip and fall in a store, it’s important to get medical attention right away. An attorney can advise you of your right to recover compensation if a property owner’s negligence results in your injuries.

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