Ways to keep your kids S.A.F.E. while taking the bus to school

| Sep 15, 2021 | Personal Injury

Many schools have started back with in-person classes, and school buses are commonplace again. Most kids are more concerned with sitting next to their friends than common safety practices. However, kids need to be aware of how to stay safe while waiting for the school bus at the bus stop. 

Students are 70 times safer taking the school bus to school than traveling by private car. School buses are the most regulated and safest vehicle on the road. However, there is a real risk of injury when kids enter or exit the bus when it stops. 

Teach your kids how to stay S.A.F.E.

The United States Department of Transportation has come up with an acronym to help keep kids S.A.F.E. while at the bus stop and on the bus itself: 

  • Stay five paces away from the street
  • Always wait till the bus comes to a full stop before boarding
  • Face forward while seated on the bus
  • Exit only after the bus has come to a full stop

When students exit a school bus, they should also look left-right-left when crossing the street. This simple acronym is easy to teach and remember. 

Despite all safety measures, kids are accident-prone. However, sometimes kids are injured as the result of the actions of adults. The bus stop is a precarious gray zone where pedestrians and vehicles meet, and as a result, there is a risk to both. 

Accidents and injuries can result from a collision between a car and another vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrians. If you haven’t yet considered the possibility of legal action for your family’s personal injury, now might be the time.

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