3 useful safety tips for cyclists in Pennsylvania

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Frequently, an increasing number of people are using bicycles each day both for travel and fitness purposes. However, it is important to note that cycling also comes with certain risks.

Sadly, cycling accidents are not uncommon in the United States. Injuries suffered by cyclists have the potential to be catastrophic, particularly when occurring at high speeds or when other vehicles are involved.

Crucially, there are measures that cyclists can take to protect themselves. Outlined below are three useful safety tips for cyclists in Pennsylvania.

Always check brakes before setting off

Brakes are arguably the most important piece of equipment on your bicycle. Effective braking systems will allow you to reduce your speed efficiently, reducing the chances of a collision. Whereas, if you are traveling at speed with faulty brakes, the chances of an accident are highly probable. As a result, it may be a good habit to check your brakes before embarking on each journey.

Utilize your headlights  

Bicycles are difficult to see at the best of times, due to their narrow stature. This is the case especially when daylight is obscured because of the weather or the time of day. Any measures that you can take to increase your visibility could assist in keeping you safe.

Wear a helmet

Although it is not a legal requirement for adult cyclists to wear helmets in Pennsylvania, there is ample evidence to suggest that helmets reduce the risk of serious injury. Consequently, serious consideration should be given to wearing a helmet as a means of protection.

Utilizing common safety measures could help to protect you from serious injury. However, if you have been involved in a cycling accident, there may be legal options available to you.

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