Reaching the parking lot doesn’t mean you can switch off

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2022 | Personal Injury

Drivers are exposed to a number of risks out on the open roads in Pennsylvania. Distracted drivers, impaired road users, pedestrians and larger vehicles present just some of the key hazards.

A sigh of relief is often breathed when reaching the parking lot, but it is important to remember that the dangers are still there. Thousands of people are injured and hundreds killed in parking lot collisions every year in the U.S. Outlined below are some of the main reasons why you shouldn’t switch off after reaching the parking lot.

Competition over spaces

By definition, parking lots are an environment that multiple drivers utilize to park their motors. Seldom do you enter a lot and find that you have the place to yourself. In fact, you will generally be forced to drive around other people within a space that is more confined than the roadways. A situation could arise where you are competing for a space with another person, so you must remain vigilant. It only takes one wrong turn from either party for a collision to occur that could result in severe injury.

Accidents when reversing  

Passing many stationery and driverless vehicles can create the impression that nothing is moving. Nonetheless, in a full parking lot, it is likely that at least one person is attempting to leave. For convenience, road users often drive straight into their space, which means they will have to reverse out. They too could become complacent, meaning that they might not look properly when pulling out. It is best practice to assume that stationary vehicles could become motional at any second. This will allow you to react in time should someone reverse in front of you.

Keeping yourself safe in your vehicle includes staying safe within parking areas. If you have been hurt in a road traffic collision, exploring your legal options could offer some source of comfort.

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