Is there ever an excuse for distracted driving?

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2022 | Personal Injury

While a few angry, misguided drivers do ram vehicles on purpose, collisions usually come down to a driver making a mistake.

One of the most frequent mistakes is not seeing you or not seeing you in time to avoid hitting you. Typically this happens when the driver is distracted. Unless the driver was fighting off a passenger trying to throttle them or fleeing another vehicle out to get them, being distracted while driving is inexcusable. 

That does not mean, however, that a driver who injures you will not make excuses.

Distracted drivers sell their excused to themselves first

Few, if any, drivers are oblivious to the dangers of distracted driving. Yet many still kid themselves it is acceptable. They tell themselves they cannot afford to miss a certain call or that traffic is light enough that they can still text and steer safely.

Phones are not the only distraction. A bouncing dog in the passenger seat is a massive distraction. Yet, drivers may say that Fluffy “refuses to wear a harness” or that “it is only a short journey.” Again, if the dog causes them to crash, that’s still not an excuse for distracted driving.

Time is another frequently used excuse. Someone putting on their makeup or executing a wardrobe change while driving may justify it, saying they cannot afford to be late. Or someone eating breakfast on the go may say they did not have time to do so before leaving the house.

If a distracted driver causes a crash that injures you, their excuses are irrelevant. If the collision was not your fault, there is no reason you should pay for the expenses it will cause you. Seek legal help to hold them responsible.

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