Making sure that you are seen as a pedestrian

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Perhaps your workplace is only a couple of miles away from your residence. Maybe you enjoy an evening stroll after a hard day at the office. In either case, you want to make sure you remain safe as you travel on foot.

Pedestrian accidents are relatively common in Pennsylvania, and it is important to take all possible measures to ensure that you don’t become part of the accident statistics. One of the best ways to protect yourself from injury is to ensure that you are always visible. What are some of the practical steps you can take to make this happen?

Plan your route carefully

If it’s the middle of the day, then it is more likely that drivers will see you. If daylight is coming to a close, then you really need to think more carefully about the route you are taking. It may be in your best interests to avoid narrow pathways that are near busier roads.

Make sure that you always stay on designated walkways, as they are often lit with street lights. You also want to exercise special caution at intersections and pedestrian crossings. Be sure to double-check before crossing, and don’t always assume that a driver is going to adhere to the lights at a pedestrian crossing.

What are you going to wear?

Drivers struggle to see pedestrians at the best of times, so you want to think about how you can enhance your chances of being seen. If it’s nighttime, dark clothing isn’t going to do you any favors. You may want to consider wearing something reflective. If need be, take a flashlight with you. This can be an excellent way to make sure that you are spotted. Just make sure that you don’t shine the light on motor vehicles directly.

As a pedestrian in Pennsylvania, you have every right to move around safely. In the event that you have been struck and injured by a vehicle, make sure you assess all of your legal options.

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