Types of injuries you can suffer after a slip-and-fall accident

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Slip-and-fall accidents happen all the time. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that approximately three million Americans sustain injuries every year from slips and falls. 

Most slip-and-fall accidents result in simple bruises or scrapes. However, these accidents can also result in serious, life-altering injuries. Here are three serious injuries you can sustain following a slip-and-fall accident. 

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)

During a slip-and-fall accident, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) usually happens when you hit your head against the floor or concrete. Traumatic brain injuries can range from mild concussions to coma-inducing injuries like hematomas and skull fractures. A severe traumatic brain injury can leave the victim with lifelong cognitive impairments. 

Spinal injuries

If you hit your back against the ground or a hard object, or if you twist your torso during the fall, you might sustain a spinal injury. Some injuries that may happen during your fall include muscle strain and tears, broken herniated discs or broken vertebrae. Depending on the severity of the fall, spinal cord injuries can even leave the victim with some degree of paralysis. 

Neck and shoulder injuries

A slip and fall can also result in injuries to the victim’s upper back, shoulders and neck. Shoulder dislocations, broken collarbones and similar wounds are very common, particularly when a victim twists to try to break their fall as they go down.

Have you or your loved one sustained an injury following a slip-and-fall accident? Find out how you can pursue the responsible party and get the compensation you deserve for your damages after a fall.

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