Key violent crime statistics in Pennsylvania

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Violent crime takes place in Pennsylvania, just as it does in any other state. However, crime rates show that Pennsylvania actually has slightly less crime than the national average. The national median has been measured at four violent crimes for every 1,000 residents. In Pennsylvania, though, there are 3.38 violent crimes for every 1,000 people.

Of course, some variation from the median is to be expected. But for every state like Pennsylvania, that has a lower rate than the median, there are also states with a higher rate. So this is still a useful way to look at crime rates in Pennsylvania and compare them to the rest of the country.

Assault cases

With 29,572 reported incidents of assault, it is the most common violent crime in the state. On a per capita basis, this means that there are 2.2 assaults for every 1,000 residents in Pennsylvania.

Robbery cases

Next come cases of robbery, with a rate of 0.64 for every 1,000 state residents. This is a total of 8,296 robberies, according to recent reports.

Homicide cases

Homicide is the least common violent crime out of the top four, with just 1,112 murders in total. This is a rate of 0.09 murders per 1,000 people.

Potential ramifications

Every single one of those cases could result in life-changing ramifications for those who are accused of having committed a crime. Someone who is convicted on assault charges could face years in prison, depending on the specific details of the case. Someone who is convicted on murder charges could face a lifetime sentence.

This is why it is so important to ensure that the correct outcome is reached by the criminal justice system. False convictions do happen, often with a greater frequency than people realize. Anyone who is accused of criminal wrongdoing needs to be aware of their legal defense options and the steps they can take to better ensure that their rights and options are safeguarded as their situation evolves.

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