Understanding an insurance adjuster’s role in car crash claims

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A car accident is traumatic enough. Unfortunately, the pursuit of justice that follows can be as dreadful. However, victims determined to file a claim can make the process less stressful by learning how to deal with an insurance adjuster.

An insurance adjuster works through the claim on behalf of the insurance company. Depending on the facts of the case, it can be the liable party’s insurance company or the victim’s own insurance policy. The process may also take longer than usual if the victim sustains significant injuries or losses that necessitate extensive consideration.

Ultimately, affected parties can be at an advantage if they know how an insurance adjuster navigates their car accident claim.

How an insurance adjuster works

An insurance adjuster begins by asking the victim for their personal information, such as their name, address, birthday, contact details, and when and where the crash happened.

Then, they will proceed with the bulk of their responsibilities to capture a comprehensive perspective of the incident. They:

  • Investigate: Examine police reports, medical records and proof of other losses
  • Evaluate: Calculate or assign possible values to incurred damages
  • Negotiate: Gauge the victim’s level of awareness about the extent and worth of their losses

Injured parties must be aware that insurance adjusters are skilled in negotiating tactics. After all, their job is to protect their company’s interests by encouraging claimants to settle quickly. If they successfully convince victims to accept a potentially lower offer than their claim is worth, insurance adjusters can reduce their company’s costs.

For example, a person suffering from a catastrophic injury will most likely need long-term care. However, the doctor may not detect the need for therapy until later. So, if the victim accepts an early settlement from the insurance adjuster, they may have to shoulder their medical expenses independently.

Why victims must seek professional help

When an insurance adjuster does not deal fairly, there is just no substitute for reliable legal guidance. An experienced Pennsylvania counsel can help challenge the offered amount with corresponding justifications. Thus, even if bargaining may take longer, victims can find comfort in knowing they will receive the compensation they deserve.

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