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by | Sep 9, 2015 | Children Youth & Services

The Child Protective Services Act provides ways to protect children who are the target of suspected child abuse, such as over disciplining their child or sexual abuse. Once a report of suspected child abuse is made, an investigation is carried out by a governmental agency called Children Youth & Services (CYS). Although this sounds like a very noble endeavor, if you are an innocent parent or guardian being investigated for an allegation of child abuse, a Children Youth & Services investigation is a very scary proposition. You can find yourself in a statewide database or even loose custody of your child.

If you are being investigated for child abuse, there are several things you should know:

First, CYS is a governmental entity who works alongside other law enforcement agencies such as the police. Pennsylvania courts have found that targets of CYS investigations are protected by the Fifth Amendment and the United States Supreme Court’s decision in the United States vs Miranda decision since CYS investigators are required to pass on their investigative findings to the police. Since CYS investigators forward their investigative findings to the police, anyone being investigated by Children Youth & Services should be represented by an experienced Sexual Assault Attorney.  Child Abuse Lawyers

Second, Children Youth & Services investigators do not always do proper and thorough investigations into the accused and may find evidence of child abuse where there is none. CYS investigators are advised to conduct an interview with those persons who are expected to have information relating to the incident of suspected child abuse such as: the child’s parents or other person responsible for the child’s welfare; the alleged offender of the suspected child abuse, eyewitnesses to the alleged abuse and anyone who may have knowledge of the abuse. If you are being investigated for child abuse by CYS, make sure you hire an experienced Child Abuse Attorney who can help to make sure that the CYS investigator does his or her job and interviews all witnesses who might vindicate the accused.

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