Sex Crime Charges Require A Lawyer Unafraid To Fight

Facing criminal charges for a sex offense means you have two problems to overcome. First, sex offenders are often found guilty in the court of public opinion even before the first piece of evidence is introduced. Perhaps more important, though, is the stain that a sex charge will leave on your record. If convicted, you face the possibility of prison, as well as required registration on the Pennsylvania sex offender registry. The stigma of a sex offense can stay with you forever.

If you are under investigation or have been charged with a sex offense, you can’t afford to wait to see what the prosecutor will do next. The attorney you hire better have the experience, integrity and professional recognition to make sure you get the best possible outcome. Right now, you really have no other choice but to hire the most experienced, aggressive criminal defense lawyer with a strong record of going to trial — and winning acquittals.

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Bellwoar Kelly, LLP is ready to come to your side. Knowledge is only a benefit if it is applied correctly. We are a team of criminal law trial attorneys with a reputation for results in the courtroom, and we use our experience as former prosecutors to understand the prosecutor’s strategies. Prosecutors know that we are eager to proceed to a jury in serious sex crime cases.

If you are under investigation by police
Your best option is to remain silent until you have an experienced lawyer at your side, advising you of your rights. Don’t worry; your silence cannot be used against you if your case goes to trial. The jury will never hear that you refused to answer questions.

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A Note About Date Rape

Many college students are surprised to be accused of a sex offense after engaging in what appeared to be consensual sex with a partner. These allegations can have far-reaching consequences affecting all areas of your life.

In many date rape cases, implied consent becomes a key factor in determining whether criminal charges should be filed. We thoroughly investigate the incident and work aggressively to determine whether consent the night before turned into regret the following morning.

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