Defending Drug Crimes

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One of the primary way too defend against drug charges is to challenge the manner in which law enforcement seized the drugs. This can be done in several different ways. Defending Intent to Deliver cases First, you can challenge the manner and the basis for which the police stopped the accused’s car or person. Second, you can challenge the police officer’s decision to search an accused’s car or person for illegal narcotics. And finally, you can also challenge whether the police had probable cause to arrest a defendant for either the possession or distribution of illegal narcotics.

Drug Crimes can be very serious charges.  If you are being investigated or have been charged for Drug Crimes, make sure to contact experienced drug attorneys who know what the police can and cannot do under the law and are experienced at defending drug crimes. Drug Crime Lawyers A conviction for a drug offense can be a life changing event. Besides an almost automatic license suspension, a conviction for a drug offense frequently mandates that a defendant serve a prison sentence. This is in particularly true if you have been charged with the distribution of narcotics. The distribution or attempted or planned distribution of narcotics frequently mandates not just a prison sentence, but a sentence of state prison.

So what should you be aware of if you are charged with a drug offense in the state of Pennsylvania? First, you should be aware that the police are required to follow certain rules when they decide to either search your person or search your car for illegal drugs. If the police do not follow those rules, then any drugs that they discover are not admissible in a case against you and the charges against you will be thrown out. Second, that the police cannot just stop people and question them for no reason. The police have to possess either reasonable suspicion or probable cause to believe that criminal activity is occurring or is likely to occur.

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