Don’t drop the ball on a NYE celebration gone awry

by | Dec 27, 2015 | Drunk Driving

If this New Year’s Eve celebration finds you starting the year out in a bit of trouble, you want to act fast and shift the burden of concern to capable hands. Overzealous police officers actively scour the roads for any signs that could be related to a driver navigating while under the influence. Which means that fatigued drivers, drivers who were not inebriated, and drivers who were admittedly distracted could find themselves in the same trouble as drivers who were celebrating and had a bit too much to drink.

If you are in the greater West Chester area and can fall into any of those classifications and found yourself subsequently charged with a DUI, turn to The Kelly Law Firm to knowledgeably navigate the legal system and explore every avenue of possible injustices in how your arrest and charges were brought about.

Depending upon your specific case and your specific charges we may be able to appeal your driver’s license suspension as well as expunge certain charges on your record.

Don’t let anyone rob you of the merriment the holidays should bring. Resolve to rid yourself of unnecessary and useless worry and trust in The Kelly Law Firm to work on your behalf. These charges could affect your life and your future. Of course, they are very serious, but by putting them in the hands of a practiced attorney you may be able to relieve yourself of a lot of the stress and trust that everything that can be done will be done, to ensure the best defense possible.

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