What constitutes a violent crime?

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Violent Crimes

Violent crimes are criminal activities that involve a victim. In most cases, the victim is injured in some way or killed during the crime, which is what classifies it as violent. These types of crimes can divided into three high-level categories: sex crimes, crimes against the person and murder.

Murder is fairly straightforward insomuch as it means someone has died as a result of the criminal actions. That’s where the simplicity ends, though; murder and manslaughter charges come with a variety of levels and types. The exact charge and the factors involved in the crime can all play a role in sentencing should you be convicted of murder. Involuntary manslaughter, for example, often comes with less of a penalty than first-degree homicide.

Not all sex crimes are violent in nature; indecent exposure charges are usually considered a violent crime, for example. Sex crimes cross the line into violence when they involve the injury or assault of another person. Rape and sexual assault are both considered violent crimes; they’re also considered felonies and conviction can land you in prison for a number of years.

Finally, crimes against the person cover a wide range of violent acts. Kidnapping, robbery, assault and battery and domestic violence are all crimes that fall into this category. Again, the factors and specific nature of the crime will contribute to possible sentencing if you are convicted.

When facing violent crime charges, you could be looking at long prison sentences or other serious consequences. Working with a criminal law professional lets you understand exactly what you’re dealing with and what options you have for mounting a defense.

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