Defending Against Charges Of Violent Acts

Bellwoar Kelly, LLP’s experience handling serious violent crimes means those in Chester County, Delaware County and the surrounding counties have a passionate ally when it comes to developing a defense approach.

We bring to bear years of prosecution experience for every client we defend. We can even handle cases involving the death penalty. Evan Kelly is one of small number of lawyers in the county who can argue murder cases in front of the state’s Supreme Court.

Bellwoar Kelly, LLP can represent you if you’ve been arrested in connection with a violent crime in West Chester or Reading, Pennsylvania. Call 610-314-7066.

Penalties For Violent Crimes

Violent assault crime allegations are significant. A conviction may stay on your record forever. Penalties include a mandatory minimum sentence of five years, but the jail sentence could be as high as 50 years if aggravating factors are alleged, like the use of a firearm. Other related crimes include simple assault, harassment and vehicular assault via DUI.

A murder allegation can change your life forever. Our defense approach can prove essential to those facing these serious consequences. Bellwoar Kelly, LLP can represent those facing charges like:

  • First-degree murder: Those convicted face the death penalty or a life sentence.
  • Attempted murder: If convicted, you face a potential life prison term as well as a fine of up to $50,000.
  • Involuntary manslaughter: The sentence will include a jail term ranging between five and 10 years.

Your Unique Violent Crime Defense Plan

Every case is different so it’s important to schedule your free initial consultation soon so we can talk to you about your case and gather all of the relevant information.

We thoroughly research all of our cases and will carefully examine any police interactions to ensure that they conducted their investigation legally. When it comes time for courtroom work, we are prepared to aggressively defend our clients’ rights through aggressive arguments and effective tactics.

Contact Bellwoar Kelly, LLP, one block away from the West Chester Courthouse. Call our attorneys to arrange a free consultation at 610-314-7066.