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by | Oct 22, 2017 | DUI

To petition for applying for an Ignition Interlock for a DUI first the individual must have received an official notice of suspension or revocation from PennDOT. This notice must then be presented to an approved Ignition Interlock vendor. The approved vendors are listed at the Pennsylvania DUI Association website at padui.org. The vendor will then install the Interlock in all vehicles to be operated by the individual looking to have the device installed. Under the new law, the device must be installed on all vehicles to be operated by the individual. This differs from the previous law surrounding Interlock devices, which required the device to be installed on all vehicles owned or registered to the individual. driving crimes If no vehicles are owned or will be operated by the individual, they must certify this to PennDOT using the appropriate forms. A vendor can charge a fee, at its discretion, for the service of certifying that no vehicles are owned by an individual. PennDOT will not issue an Interlock device until it receives the DL-1908SC form, which is a self-certification that the device has been installed on all vehicles to be operated by the individual. This form also must be signed by an authorized employee of the vendor who installed the device. The application fee is currently $65 and non-refundable.

Included with the forms above must be a copy of proof of insurance for each vehicle to be operated. The original license must also be surrendered. If it was lost or stolen or has expired, an additional fee must be included for a replacement license, along with an additional form. At the time of petition, the individual must also include proof that all court-imposed fines and costs have been paid or that a payment plan is set up. All license restoration fees must also be paid at the time of petition, or at least half of the heavily increased restoration fees ($500 to $2000) imposed by Act 30 of 2017 for chemical testing refusals. ignition interlock new rules If everything is submitted properly and the individual is eligible, PennDOT will issue the Ignition Interlock device for the DUI offense within 20 days of receiving the petition. An interlock device cannot be used to operate a commercial vehicle, is also not available to those serving a suspension for homicide by vehicle or homicide by vehicle while DUI. A Pennsylvania driver who is facing a suspension for a DUI obtained in another state is eligible for the ignition interlock license in Pennsylvania.

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