VIolent Crimes gun charges

by | Oct 8, 2017 | Violent Crimes

One of the more serious types of violent crimes that a criminal defendant can be charged with in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is the crime of possession of a firearm with altered manufacturer’s number. This Gun Crime and charge can be found in title 18 section 6110.2 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code. firearm charges The charge essentially makes it illegal for a criminal defendant to possess a firearm, even if he is otherwise legally permitted to possess one, if the firearm contains manufacturer’s numbers that have been altered or changed in some manner. Although possession of such a gun wouldn’t exactly be considered as a violent crime, it is a charge that is frequently charged along with other violent crimes. Additionally, although the statute does not specifically mention it, there is an intent requirement associated with this crime. The government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that the accused knew that the serial numbers on the gun had been altered or changed when he possessed the gun. Obviously, the government can try and prove this portion of their case through circumstantial evidence.

Violent crimes such as this gun charge of possessing a firearm with a altered or obliterated manufacturer’s number is a serious offense. It is graded as a felony of the second degree and therefore punishable upon conviction by a maximum of ten years in state prison and a $15,000 fine. increase in violent crimes If you are charged with this crime then you should make sure that you retain the services of an experienced Chester County Criminal Lawyer such as the lawyers at the law firm of Bellwoar Kelly, LLP. Violent crimes such as gun charges must be fought at the Preliminary Hearing and at motions court. Make sure that you retain experienced trial attorneys that will be prepared to handle your case.

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