Schuylkill County Drug Delivery Resulting in Death

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2017 | Drug Delivery Resulting In Death

A person commits a felony of the first degree if the person intentionally administers, delivers, gives, or sells any controlled substance such as heroin or oxy pills or counterfeit controlled substance in violation of section 13(a)(30) which deals with the delivery of narcotics to another. heroin crimes The Crimes of Drug Delivery resulting in death is an extremely serious crime and punishable by a maximum of 40 years in state prison. The drug used in these types of crimes is typically heroin. Typically this charge can involve the delivery of the drug from individuals that are drug dealers or, in the alternative, from fellow users who go an obtain the drug so that they can both use the drug together. In both of these situations, the accused is facing a maximum of 40 years in state prison.

One geographical location where these charges appear with great frequency is Schuylkill County. The county seat of Schuylkill County is Pottsville and unfortunately the area has been having a tremendous problem with Drug Delivery resulting in death involving heroin. Judges are becoming more aggressive in the sentences that they hand down against drug dealers that deal heroin. For instance, in the county of York, Pennsylvania, a judge sentenced a criminal defendant named Reese, of York, to 20 to 40 years in state prison on the man’s drug delivery resulting in death conviction -and handed down an additional seven to 14 years on Reese’s second convicted count, heroin possession with intent to deliver. Corrupt Organization All together the total prison sentence was 27 to 54 years. The long and short of it is addicts may also be charged with committing this crime. Make sure to hire an experienced Schuylkill Township Criminal Lawyer to represent you against serious charges like Drug Delivery resulting in Death.

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