Heroin Arrests Are Going Up, Up, Up

Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs in the world. Heroin use kills thousands of people each year in the United States, and heroin possession and distribution put thousands of others behind bars.

Unfortunately, some Pennsylvania prosecutors seek harsh punishment for heroin offenders, many of whom are young people who need treatment more than anything else. This aggressive prosecution calls for strong defense representation, which requires a strategy geared toward reaching the most favorable possible resolution of your particular case.

Get Legal Help — And Get Treatment

At Bellwoar Kelly, LLP, based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, our attorneys have extensive experience in drug crimes defense, on both the state and federal levels. We can assist you right away if your case involves:

  • Possession of heroin
  • Distribution, a felony that you can be charged with for giving heroin to a friend
  • Possession with intent to deliver, a charge that is most commonly used against dealers
  • The threat of mandatory minimum jail sentencing, which can depend upon the weight of the drugs and the location of the supposed offense
  • Federal charges

In many cases, courts reward recovery. If a treatment strategy can be used in your case, we can take the appropriate steps and advocate for you in court.

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