Bringing drugs into jail Drug Crimes

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2018 | Drug Crimes

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has very harsh Drug Crimes penalties for individuals that bring drugs into jail. The statute criminalizing these activities can be found in Title 18 section 5123 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code. Specifically, the statute which is called: Controlled Substance Contraband to Confined Persons states that an accused shall face a minimum mandatory 2 years in state prison if he intentionally brings contraband (drugs) into a prison and delivers those drugs to an inmate. Intent to Deliver drugs The most serious aspect of this charge is that an accused must do a minimum of 2 years in state prison if he is found guilty of this crime or pleads guilty to it in court. The reality with minimum mandatories is that a Judge cannot give a defendant convicted of this crime less than 2 years in prison even if he wants to. As a result of the serious nature of this charge, an accused should immediately consult with an experienced Chester County Criminal Lawyer if he is being investigated for this crime.

What are the defenses to Drug crimes which criminalizes bringing drugs to jail? The obvious defense are that the government cannot prove that the accused brought drugs into the prison to begin with. The reality is that that most areas in the prison are under constant surveillance. corrupt organization The video recording devices that every prison has however, aren’t always of a high quality. Make sure to contact an attorney who is aware of not only what criminal elements the government has to prove, but also how they frequently go about proving it. It is also generally not a good idea to speak with law enforcement unless you have at the very least consulted with an experienced Chester County Criminal Lawyer. Especially when dealing with a crime that carries mandatory state jail time.

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