DUI Chester County Intermediate Punishment Program (IPP)

by | Jan 7, 2018 | DUI

Facing a DUI in Chester County, Pennsylvania can be a very scary proposition. This is in particularly true if it is not your first DUI. The applicable punishment for DUI’s in not only very serious in Chester county, but they are also very serious throughout the state of Pennsylvania. DUI homicide These punishments are determined by minimum mandatories. And these Minimum mandatories are the reason that the Intermediate Punishment Program in Chester County is so highly sought after by many criminal defendants. Minimum mandatories are required punishments that have been mandated by the Pennsylvania legislature and governor. They require that a criminal defendant serve a mandated period of time in prison as a result of being convicted of a DUI. The minimum mandatory penalties for the DUI are based on the number offense that an individual has been convicted of in 10 years and the amount of alcohol or narcotics in the defendant’s blood at the time of driving.

So what are the minimum mandatory punishments for various DUI’s that make the Chester County Intermediate Punishment Program (IPP) so highly sought after? If you are facing a second offense DUI (meaning it will be your second conviction for DUI in ten years) and your blood alcohol content was over .16% or you had illegal narcotics in your system at the time of the blood draw, then you are facing a minimum mandatory 90 days in prison. DUI influence of marijuana The benefit of the Chester County IPP program is that instead of having to do 90 days in prison, you can do only 15 days in prison and 75 days in your home on electronic home monitoring. Regardless of your legal situation, make sure to contact the experienced former county prosecutors at the Bellwoar Kelly, LLP at 610-314-7066.

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